Hi Wendy,

I just wanted to take minute to tell you how pleased I am with the Jeep 2.5 stroker long block I purchased from your company for my 95 Wrangler. Just looking at the long lock after opening the crating relieved any concerns I had about quality, It’s easy to recognize high quality workmanship, and the 2.5 stroker long block exudes it. More importantly is now that it is installed, I wonder why this wasn’t original equipment. Your product fixes the primary problem with Jeep 2.5’s – no balls. The torque difference is quite amazing compared to original equipment. Other than the long block and a set of cheap aftermarket headers, the jeep is standard except for slightly oversize tires. Before the engine swap, I had to downshift on minor hills going down the interstate at 65 mph in 5th. Now I can chug over small hills in 5th at 45mph and pick up speed if I want, and I’m not even putting my foot into it. Before the engine swap I just ran in fourth at slower speeds. I’m not intending anything strenuous for the Wrangler, I use it as my primary vehicle to scout timber for my logging company. And I tend to drive a bit like an old lady, so the extra torque is greatly appreciated. Compared to a remanufactured 2.5 with a used block and heads, that would have been a repeat of the gutless wonder jeep designed: the all new premium components, and the extra torque the stroker produces, and that it is made in America is well worth the slightly higher price than a remanufactured engine. With the headers, it even looks and sounds sexy, lol. Very glad I found you guys!

Jim Hitt

Jeep 2.5L/3.0L Stroker Engine Conversion