ATP Engines BS & Automotive Machine Inc.

For over 30 years, ATP Engines & Automotive Machine Inc. has provided the best in new and remanufactured marine engines, new and remanufactured automotive engines and marine and automotive parts. ATP Engines specializes in remanufactured auto, truck, and marine engines, transmissions, heads, gaskets and parts. We also offer the the lowest domestic and international shipping prices in the industry. We ship high quality engines, transmissions and parts direct to you at a lot less cost than you might think.

ATP Total Quality Approach to a Remanufactured Engine

Steps to Remanufacture Blocks

  • First, the blocks are completely disassembled and cleaned with all plugs removed
  • Then washed BEFORE and AFTER machining for a minimum of 3 times,
  • Blocks are then crack tested,
  • Any broken bolts are removed and any damaged threads are repaired and cleaned,
  • Torque plates are used when required by O.E.M,
  • All cylinder walls are platue brushed for quick piston ring seating
  • The main bearing saddles are align-bored,
  • and Lastly, new freeze plugs and galley plugs are installed.

Our Steps to Remanufacture Crankshafts and Connecting Rods

  • First, both crankshafts and connecting rods are cleaned and shot blasted,
  • Then, they are checked for straigtness and twist,
  • They are then reground and micro-polished to a 10 micro finish,
  • Micro Sleeves are then installed on most crankshafts, for a new seal surface,
  • and Lastly, connecting rods are precision honed and balanced in sets to within 7 grams.

Our Steps to Remanufacture Cylinder Heads

  • First, We completely disassemble the cylinder heads to ensure a thorough cleaning of all coolant and fuel passageways,
  • Then, the cylinder heads are oven cleaned and thoroughly blasted to remove all carbon and oil deposits,
  • They are then magnafluxed to detect any cracks,
  • Then, they are accurately resurfaced to ensure a proper gasket seal,
  • The valve guides are then replaced or repaired using bronzeguide liners,
  • The valve seats are then machine cut to a triple angle (all three angles are cut simultaneously),
  • Hardened seats are then installed (when applicable),
  • The valves are then machined at stem and face,
  • New rocker studs are installed when needed,
  • The springs are then cleaned, tested and installed with shims to maintain proper tension,
  • Lastly, they are vacuum tested to ensure proper valve seating.

Our Steps to Remanufacture Camshafts

  • First, the camshafts are reground to O.E.M standards,
  • They are then parkerized for break-in and durability,
  • Lastly, all new camshaft bearings are installed in the block.

The Final Step: Engine Assembly

  • First, the crankshaft is installed with all new bearings and rear seal,
  • The thrust clearance is measured at installation,
  • Then, the piston and rod assembly is installed with “Prolong” assembly lube,
  • The piston to bore clearance is measured three seperate times on the engine,
  • The main and rod bolts are then torqued to manufacturer specifications and Loc-Tite is applied,
  • New or reconditioned camshafts are then installed with new timing components,
  • Cylinder heads are then installed with new gaskets, head bolts sealed (if applicable) and torqued to manufacturer specifications,
  • Head bolts are marked to verify that they have been torqued,
  • New lifters and push rods are then installed with clean and inspected rocker arms and fulcrums, New rocker arm adjusting nuts complete the valve train,
  • Every engine cooling system is air pressure tested for leaks,
  • Engine assemblies are spun on SIMS engine tester.
  • Lastly, the compression, oil pressure and oil flow are monitored.